V 24

The V24 gear pump is available in cast iron and stainless steel version, it can reach a maximum pressure of 15 barg and a flow rate of 370 L/min, which allows different industrial applications.

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See the following document for performance options :



 Standard displacement (cm3) 3700
Theoretical flow rate at max speed(m3/h) (1) 22,2
Maximum allowable pressure (barg) 15
Operating temperature (°C) 140
Minimum operating viscosity (Pa.s) 0,04
Maximum operating viscosity (Pa.s) 1000
Maximum operating speed (Tr/min) (2) 100
Weight (kg) 334
Dimension (mm) (L x h x l) 739 x 544 x 420
(1) : The theoretical flow rate depends on the rotation speed. The actual flow rate depends on the viscosity of the product and also on the rotation speed. (2) : The maximum operating speed is to be reduced according to the viscosity.