Cleaning head Minidecap

Material / Equipment: MINIDECAP

The MINIDECAP cleaning head can reach a maximum operating flow rate of 33 l/min and a pressure of 300 bar. This washing head can be adapted to different types of industrial applications thanks to its versatility and adjustment options.

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See the following document for performance options : 

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Operating pressure < 300 bar
Usage flow < 33 l/min
Head rotation speeds 10 – 80 (1) min-1
Nozzle rotation speed 7 – 55 (1) min-1
Diameter of the swept sphere See table bellow
Maximum fluid temperature 90 °C
Number of nozzles 2 (2)
Minimum passage diameter 55 mm
Possible lengths 500-1000-1500 (3) mm
Weight 8 – 10 (4) kg
Air quality Lubricated air
Required air pressure > 1,5 bar g
Required air flow rate < 21,6 m3/h
Water supply 1/2″ GAZ
Air supply 1/8″ GAZ
Wetted part Bronze 2.1176, Laiton 2.0372, Inox. 1.4307 et 1.4021
Joints FKM (Ex. VITON) and PTFE loaded with graphite (5)
ATEX Minidecap can be certified II 2G T4 (On request)(6)

(1) The speed depends on the available air pressure. The speed can be adjusted by using a regulator (possible on request). Preferably adjustable by exhaust control (possible on request)
(2) Nozzle quantity can be increased on request
(3) Other lengths available on request
(4) The weight depends on the selected shaft length
(5) Other materials are possible on request (depending on the environment, the nature of the fluid and its characteristics if other than water)
(6) The temperature class depends on the temperature of the considered fluid
(7) The provided flushing diameters are valid for classical flushing operations. For cases where a finer cleaning is required, these diameters must be adapted.

Cleaning head Minidecap