Ultrabar 10 DC

The Ultrabar 10 DC pump can go up to a maximum pressure of 2600 bars, a power of 48 kW and a maximum flow rate of 9.8 L/min, this pump supplied by HUGES adapts to different types of industrial applications thanks to its robustness.

Dimensions :
1,8 m long x 1,0 m large x 1,5 m high
(71″ long x 39″ large x 59″ high)
Weight :
1000 kg (2 200 lb)

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Ultrabar 10, driven by an internal combustion engine, semi-enclosed, mounted on a shock-proof frame, this Ultra High Pressure cleaning unit is suitable for the most demanding applications. Easy to use and maintain, it is probably the most compact and popular Ultra High Pressure unit on the market. Designed for environments where space and water usage are paramount, such as remote sites, crew work at sea or inside buildings. The low reaction force makes this unit ideal for the use of long arm spray guns to remove coatings and corrosion from hard-to-reach areas. Possible applications include weld inspection, blasting, surface preparation, coating stripping, concrete preparation and cold cutting.

Performances : 

Flow * 9,8 l/min (2,6 gpm)
Pressure 2600 Bar (38 000 psi)
Power 48 kW (65hp)

* Represents the theoretical useful volume

Ultrabar 10 DC

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  • Extremely compact
  • Gun reaction force less than 8 kg (17 lb)
  • Ultrabar 10 with splash lubrication of the connecting rod bearings and oil cooling.
  • Modular head assembly allows easy and individual maintenance on each plunger.
  • 4,000 Bar / 60,000 psi pressure gauge and rupture disc
  • 4-cylinder Perkins emissions-compliant engine with control panel including automatic shut-off
  • Force-feeding pump, 10 and 1 micron water filters, heavy-duty suction hoses with non-corrosive nozzles.
  • Inox steel water tank
  • Shock-proof frame with two forklift slides, four lifting points and a roof panel. High quality powder coated finish paint

Options d'assemblage

  • Muffler, spark arrester and Chalwyn valve
  • Rigsafe or Zone 2 (ATEX) motor kits
  • Shock resistant certified
  • Other motorization
  • Special powder finish paint for corrosive environments
  • Closed versions of the model
  • Fixed support / Road trailer
  • Single pneumatic gun and drain valve
  • Ultra high pressure hoses, lances, foot valves, high pressure cleaner and abrasive cutting equipment