HPS 1000 DRT

High pressure cleaning unit :
The HPS 1000 DRT pump can go up to a maximum pressure of 1400 bars, a power of 75 kW and a maximum flow rate of 64 L/min, this pump supplied by HUGES adapts itself to different types of industrial applications thanks to its robustness.

Dimensions :
4,3 m long x 2,0 m large x 2,0 m high
(169″ long x 79″ large x 79″ high)
Weight : 2 000 kg (4 400 lb)

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HPS 1000, driven by an internal combustion engine, fully enclosed, mounted on a road trailer, this high pressure cleaning unit is suitable for the most demanding applications. Easy to operate and maintain, it is probably the most popular high pressure unit on the market. It is suitable for use with a single or double gun. Possible applications include: surface cleaning/scaling, coating stripping, concrete preparation, heat exchanger/pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, underwater cleaning, and floor, road and rail cleaning.


28 l/min at1400 Bar (6,2 igpm / 7,5 usgpm at 20 300 psi)
34 l/min at 1000 Bar (7,5 igpm / 9,1 usgpm at 14 500 psi)
44 l/min at 900 Bar (9,7 igpm / 11,7 usgpm at 13 050 psi)
55 l/min at 700 Bar (12,2 igpm / 14,7 usgpm at 10 150 psi)
64 l/min at 600 Bar (14,0 igpm / 16,9 usgpm at 8 700 psi)

Refer to the HPS1000 pump data sheet for the full range of performance.

HPS 1000 DRT

Additional information





  • HPS1000 pump with forced lubrication, filtration and oil cooling. Stainless steel pump head, ceramic plungers, integral housing and SAE adapter flange
  • Glycerine manometer and safety valve
  • 4-cylinder Perkins emissions-compliant engine, with control panel including automatic shutdown
  • Force-feeding pump, high-performance 50-micron element retention filter, heavy-duty suction hoses, stainless steel armatures and overpressure sensor
  • Inox steel water tank
  • Enclosure with four lifting points and wide doors (horizontal axis) mounted on gas struts for easy access.
  • High quality powdered finish paint
  • EU-approved road trailer with attached trailer hitch, overrun brakes, anti-pinch and lighting
HPS 1000 DRT

Assembly options

  • Pressure regulator for the use of single or double tools
  • Muffler, spark arrester and Chalwyn valve
  • Rigsafe or Zone 2 (ATEX) motor kits
  • Shockproof certified
  • Other motorization
  • Special powder finish paint for corrosive environments
  • Wide model for use at 185 l/min and 220 Bar (40.6 igpm / 49.0 usgpm and 3190 psi)
  • Complete range of accessories to meet all possible uses (guns, nozzles, flexible hoses, etc.).
HPS 1000 DRT