Thanks to its robust design, the HPS1000 ultra-high pressure pump is an excellent solution, in terms of performance, to solve the industry’s most demanding problems. With a maximum pressure of 1400 bars, a power of 75 kW and a maximum flow rate of 177 L/min, this pump supplied by HUGHES can be adapted to different types of industrial applications thanks to its robustness.

The mechanical part (which includes the crankshafts), has a forced lubrication system, with filtration and oil cooling. SAE adapter flanges are available, allowing the pump to be coupled with the flywheel of a combustion or electric motor. The design of the head is optimized, with the valves positioned in line, to avoid cyclic metal hardening and to facilitate maintenance. The treated ceramic pistons extend the life of the seals.

The improved design, with seals, plungers and valves, withstands high pressures at high flow rates.

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Max flow 177 l/min to 220 Bar
(38,9 igpm / 46,8 usgpm at 3 190 psi)
Max pressure 1400 Bar to 28 l/min
(20 300 psi at 6,2 igpm / 7,5 usgpm)
Max power 75 kW

High pressure pump with three plungers

Features :

  • Pump head in inox steel 431
  • Ceramic plungers and self-adjusting seals
  • Crankshaft made of hardened alloy steel with connecting rods of excellent durability.
  • White heated steel bearings.
  • Cast iron crankcase with forced lubrication, filtration and oil cooling.
  • Forged connecting rods with low-friction bearings
  • Built-in reducer that allows direct coupling to the motor, without transmission by pulley/belt system.
  • Built-in reducer that allows direct coupling to the motor, without transmission by pulley/belt system.
  • Pressure gauge

Pump design options :

  • 316 inox steel pump head for use in sea water
  • Choice of built-in gear ratio to suit diesel or electric motor drives
  • SAE adapter flange (SAE 2 or 3) for coupling the pump with the flywheel of a motor
  • Diesel or with an electric motor
  • Available without gearbox for low speed drive
  • Pump alone or complete assembly
  • HP Valves

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Technical draw

Overall dimension (mm) Approximate weight - 230 kg (including housing)