For more than 90 years, Barthod has been successful in the following fields...

Industrial cleaning

Barthod started in the field of industrial cleaning and this is still our core business. From cleaning of heavy trucks to stripping of polymerization reactors, through the stripping of statue moulds, Barthod is a specialist in high pressure cleaning to respond to the most demanding problems.


Industrial Process

Barthod creates and implements individualized solutions that meet your different types of applications: drilling, surface preparation, high pressure fluid transfer etc.



In the race for productivity, machining professionals are using machines running at ever higher speeds. In order to guarantee optimum quality and efficiency, high-pressure lubrication is required. Barthod is the only manufacturer offering high pressure units specially adapted to high-speed machining with proven reliability from the main leaders in this field.


Misting, Cooling & Humidity Control

Cooling, hygrometry maintenance, dust abatement, odor capture, high pressure misting is omnipresent in industrial processes. Barthod offers robust high pressure units, adapted to the specific pressure and flow rate requirements of this field of application.


Hydraulic engineering

Our Design Office is at your disposal to design and develop technical solutions, installations and special machines according to your specifications.